Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hunting... teh antler donkeyz

Sleaze Attack ... FAIL!

Context : Alan Colmes' website has this bit of sleaziness; apparently, he's had the good sense to take it down.

Outsourcing, part 3 : The Lonely Guy

Apparently, somebody has spent too much time on craigslist... I guess he's not the first guy to assume that any clothes not actually on camera might not exist, but still...

Outsourcing, part 2 : ... and bears? Oh my!

Seems to be following the "Iz not so gret" meme.

(From ; found at

Outsourcing, part 1

Here's a few I found on the 'net ... not a lot of cool ones out there yet. I guess the early ones are bound to be formulaic.

Take this one :

Saturday, August 30, 2008

U want Middle Class?

In a campaign where once guy is living a celeb lifestyle and the other guy owns a bunch of property, the cry has been going out for someone who can "relate" to the "middle class". Enter, the soccer mom.

Welcome to LOLPalin

What the heck; I've done lolpauls and lolbamas ... might as well branch off into lolpalins!